Can Aging be reversed?

Who is talking about Anti-aging these days? It is everyone! Is it really working…? Is it harming or benefiting our society? Who is the pressure on? Why is it a fashion now and not before? Will it stand the test of time? Will people outgrow Anti-aging? 

Seeing seniors throng the malls less than younger people sometimes makes me think otherwise. Or is it? 

Anti-aging is not just skin beauty, it is wholesome beauty, heart, mind, body, and soul! Only skin-deep anti-aging can help so much, but accepting aging as a blessing in communities of the world has made a difference in livelihoods. From ancient African cultures to the mountains of Peru to the tranquil holy Ghats of India, to the outback of Australia… beauty is everywhere, anywhere, and always will be.

Aging cannot be reversed is my thought, unless some major invention, discovery, or manipulation of genes takes place in masses? 

Aging is a natural phenomenon, losing one’s memory is not though… to understand aging is to understand healthy and non-healthy aging. What we drink, eat, grow, produce, discover, live, learn, crave, apply, and savor…will determine to live, thrive, or be. These are mastering and controlling our souls, minds, hearts, body and letting them flow to the rhythm of the unknown forces, accepting, and so on…

There is no right or wrong in anti-aging, however educating oneself about chemical contamination, environmental pollution, water and hydration, well-balanced nutrition, the daily dose of nature, hobby, or physical activity can take one into aging with beauty…

Here are some tips for one regarding anti-aging

  1. Is it pure? Any contamination
  2. Is it natural? Are ingredients contaminated? Or not?
  3. Is it right for you? And only you? 
  4. Is it in your budget? 
  5. Have you done a trial?
  6. Is your body able to handle it?
  7. Are you truly seeking extraneous help for anti-aging?
  8. Have you understood what it can and cannot do? Have you done your research/
  9. What are you giving up, if any to accommodate this? Weighing pros and cons and time management
  10. What If you do not get the results? Now what? 

We would love to hear examples of what worked and did not, from skincare, to body care, to soul care to mind care. Send us your true and tested, and help guide other aging men and women around the world. Thank you

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