A Year of Moments

A year of moments, reminiscing ..in an elderly’s life

The year that we left behind has been tried, forgiven, unapologetic, real, different, unique and …

The years bygone are rich with wonders, insights into our own strengths, weaknesses and more

But what is very eerily similar is that it affected everyone in some way or the other

No age mattered, no gender or religion did… what mattered was the ability to survive, live or thrive..

These moments of surviving, living or thriving that we reminisce are the mihygge moments… 

Here are key takeaways from the year our beloved elderly said good bye to:

And what better than this resonates even with our non elderly! 

  1. Learned that everything is something!
  2. Appreciated life’s simple pleasures… many that money can never buy
  3. Created and got skilled in many ways
  4. Longed for peace, love, kindness
  5. Embraced and accepted the new
  6. Brought back what matters most all over again
  7. Found the keys to rekindle in many ways
  8. Loved being there for others
  9. Used our wisdom for the benefits of others
  10. Remembered our past, present and thought about our future

And if we did not, at least we helped others see and enjoy what they had not before ! There are so many things that our elderly know that we do not, yet, though we are changing and will be, sometimes the answers lie in those hidden truths of our past generations… 

A salute to all elderly and the caregivers, partners, families that rallied to help, save their lives, …

Everyone of us is a hero, and that is the mihygge essence and feeling… my cozy living now has a new meaning, for decades to come…

Yes, time and tide will change, make us forget this year… for now we have mihygge, and it is here to stay! 

We would love your insights on how your elderly coped and you all as part of this family, society, community…. Please feel free to share any thoughts, for we are here to share, learn and grow…

Until then, good bye, sayonara, merci, danke, namaste, shukriya, muchos gracias ………….

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